Brazilian Game Developers

Brazilian Games

Abragames, the Brazilian Game Developers Association, was founded in 2004 and represents Brazilian studios developing games in various platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile phones and Internet.

Besides catalyzing the game production in the country by training and promoting expertise, Abragames aims at making Brazilian creativity and technology available to the main players of the international game industry.

Brazilian Game Developers Export Program

The Brazilian Game Developers Export Program, BGD Export, is the export program created by the Brazilian Game Developers Association, ABRAGAMES, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

Our goal is to promote the Brazilian Game industry internationally, developing new business opportunities for our companies.

Click here to learn more about Apex-Brasil.

Confirmed events in 2016 and 2018 for ABRAGAMES/BGD:

Monthly Meet Ups
Game Mixer (Partnership between ABRAGAMES and GERMANY), November
Game Connection & GDC America - San Francisco,California, March
Silicon Valley Business Immersion
- San Francisco, California, March and April
SXSW - Austin, Texas, March
BIG Festival - São Paulo, Brazil, July
China Joy - Shanghai, China, July
Gamescom & GDC Europe - Cologne, Germany - August
XDS - Vancouver, Canadá, September



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